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What we do?

Retail Intelligence offers an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that reviews and analyzes brick and mortar store cameras in order to radically improve store operations.

  • 01-Supercharge loss prevention

  • 02-Reduce product theft

  • 03-Correct employee errors

  • 04-Boost employee productivity

  • 05-Increase customer satisfaction


Loss Prevention

Detect errors, theft, sweethearting, unsafe media handling, money in pocket, etc.

Employee Productivity

Store-wide oversight means higher compliance and improved throughput.

Customer Satisfaction

Better and faster service due to shorter lines and reduced wait times.

Employee Training

Correct employee behavior and improve training before it leads to major loss.

Risk Free

Use your existing cameras and video management systems.

Easy Installation

Cloud solution with minimum in-store footprint.


Checkout Lanes

Cashier and self-checkout; Basket loss & scan errors; Theft, sweethearting, media mishandling; Misbehavior; Shoplifting.


Scan errors; Deviation from proper procedures; Safety work codes; Theft and inventory fraud; Vendor fraud.


Agitated body language; Suspicious actions, open/consume products, slip-and-falls.

Retail Intelligence can help

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About Us


Our Story

Retail Intelligence started in 2017 with a mission to help brick-and-mortar retailers radically improve their store operations and efficiency. We have since been busy building our unique AI platform for extracting insights from video so that every aspect of your operations can be measured and tracked.

Retail is undergoing a massive transformation due to the rise of the digital competitor and the disruption from Silicon Valley; Retail Intelligence is the partner you need to catch up and stay ahead of the curve.

The Team

Group of top notch machine-learning and computer-vision engineers from all corners of the world.

NYC Headquarters

With presence in France and Switzerland.

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575 Lexington Ave. 19th fl, New York, NY, USA
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